Sunday, October 28, 2007

Haute Dog Halloween Parade

Today we cruised to Belmont Shores for the Haute Dog Halloween Parade and Contest. Sorry to say we did not win (damn...that could have been a year of free kibbles), but we did have a good time. The competition was many great costumes. We better start working on our costume now for next year. Check out OoRah's sexy loin clothe. Yeah baby!
This was one of our fav costumes and they didn't even place. This dog wore this wig, shoes and hot jacket all day without any complaints. His humans were dressed the same way. They should have placed.
This dog walked around and wore these big glasses all day. Now that's dedication.
This was our first Halloween and we had a blast.

Wishing everyone good tricks and/or treats this Halloween.

Pics Taken By Auntie Debbie at 3 Dog Halloween Contest

Daddy and Trixie taking a break.
Auntie Kellie and Lance working the floor.
Momma and OoRah checking it all out.
Thanx Auntie Debbie for the great pics.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween at 3 Dog Bakery

Today 3 Dog Bakery had their Halloween Contest and to our amazement, we took 1st Place for 'Best Theme'. There were 3 categories, 'Best Theme', 'Scariest' and 'Cutest'. There was some stiff competition too.
Check out Auntie Kellie and Lance. Now that's a sexy pirate! They went to a Halloween contest earlier in the day and took 3rd Place. Go Lance...Aye Mate!
Wolves in sheep's' clothing.
Auntie Debbie was there working her camera. Cant wait to see her pics.
Hot mamas...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wild Fires

Portions of Southern Cali is on fire. Below are pics taken from Talega, which is a new housing development in San Clemente, less than 5 miles from where we live. This fire is at Camp Pendleton, the Marine Corp Base.
Normally San Clemente is blue skies and clean air. Not the case the past 3 days...smoke and extremely hazardous air quality conditions plagued us along with ash and suet.
We give thanks to all the fire fighters that are risking their lives putting out these fires. So many people have been misplaced as a result of losing their home. This entire ordeal is just unbelievable.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wild Winds

Today, parts of Cali had winds up to 85mph. The winds did bring a nice swell for the surfers, so this afternoon we checked them out doing their thing.
Clean wave.
Dig the off shore breeze on the pic below.
No pics of us today...we were busy trying on our Halloween Costumes for next weekends Halloween events. So be sure to check back next weekend to see our cool costumes, that are homemade.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Today We Say Good-Bye To James Englesby

This evening Scott's dad, James Englesby aka Big Jim passed away. For the past year James had been battling an illness that slowly deteriorated his body. James will be missed.

"We pray to thee for those we love, but now no longer see. Grant them peace and let light perpetual shine upon them, and in thy loving wisdom and almighty power work in them the good purpose of thy perfect will."

Beautiful Sunday...Are Ya Sure It's Fall?

They say fall is here, but not in Southern Cali. Yeah it rained a lil Saturday, but today it's 70 degrees and gorgeous.
We met a Black Lab named Lucky, and she and her human hung out with us for a while.
After the beach we came home and investigated the mini pumpkins momma got. "Ummm, kinda tasty" OoRah says. "I wonder if I give this pumpkin a lil nudge what would happen" Trixie says.
"Whoa...the pumpkin that got away."

Sunday, October 7, 2007

80 degrees in October...Let's Hit the Beach Then!

No it's not Bay's Trixie and momma striking a poise. And no we didn't go surfing. This board was way too small (daddy was right), so when we get some extra fun cash, we'll have to invest in a long board like our cousin Lance has. But that didn't stop us from getting wet!
Trixie doing her swim thing. OoRah watches from the shore.
OoRah would rather be luring..."but OK...I'll get wet." OoRah says.
"Come on OoRah, you can do it!" Trixie shouts from the shore.
"No way we are going out there in that big wave!" Trixie ponders.
"Yep we did." Go Trixie.
A day after the beach and we are pooped.