Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dalmatians for a Day!

Saturday was 3 Dog Bakery's Halloween Party. We went disguised as Dalmatians and momma was Cruella deVille. We took 1st Place for Best Homemade Costume. And thanx to our Grandmama Baldwin for sewing the 101 spots on our outfits.
Auntie Kellie and Cousin Lance were Bat Girl and the Joker. They took runner up for Most Likely to Scare a Cat.
Little Bo Peep took 1st Place for Best Theme.
Ms. deVille and Bo Beep sharing a Kodak moment.
These lil cuties were the Bride and Groom...duh. :)
Of course we couldn't let the weekend end without taking advantage of the great weather. K.C. decided he would challenge Trixie to some American Indian wrestling.
OoRah taking a bite on the cheek from Trixie.
K.C. was the only dog on the beach that was able to keep up to OoRah's and Trixie's fast speed.
Frolicking in the water is always good fun.
OoRah demonstrating his agility kick before calling it a day.
Everybody be safe and have heaps of fun this Halloween week.

Peace and as always thanx for stopping by.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weather Forecasters Don't Know Diddly

The weather forecasters were predicting this weekend to be more fall like conditions...wrong! It was more perfect conditions with temps in the 70s and Trixie is definitely happy about that.
OoRah doesn't seem to have any complaints either.
OK, we know that hinnie.
Looks like Trixie has decided to dig her way to China or maybe to The Netherlands to see her man Sor.
Ummm... I think she's done digging.
OoRah opts from digging and decides to just look sexy on the natural.
As always we had a groovy weekend. Momma and Auntie Holland got a lil crazy too, put on their shimmery disco tops and went roller skating Saturday night. Go girls!
Peace and thanx for stopping by!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Awww the Weekend

Sometimes we like to spend our weekends chillin' at the beach, watching the seagulls and soaking up some sun rays.
Making new friends, whether they are big
or small,
or human.
Being a adventurous, checking out the sea monsters.
Luring the rabbits.
Sharing the sunset with mommas friend.
And of course always acting silly with momma.
Enjoying a good meal and washing it down with some Bohemian beer...OK so just kidding about the beer...hee hee.
And finally taking rest, dreaming about doing it all over again.
Hope everyone had a terrific weekend.
Happy Thanksgiving to our Canada friends.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

Hey Y'all, Trixie here,

Hoping everybody had a great past week and weekend. We in Southern Cali are still experiencing a heat wave. Granted we got a couple drops of rain late Saturday, but all last week and today it feels like summer time. If there was some way I could bottle up this heat and send it to my mates in the Netherlands I would. I hear they are experiencing hard/cold nipple weather.

My bro and I had a good week and weekend filled with mtn biking, hikes and playing/visiting with our friends. This afternoon we hiked up to Rock Garden and I decided to strike a poise next to Jimi Hendrix' rock.
Before I say adios, my bro and I want to wish our Uncle Rene' and Auntie Elke an early "Happy Birthday".

As always, thanx for stopping by... Peace.