Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

Today we spent the majority of the day with daddy. But before momma went out to do "adult"things, we had to take a pic with her as she was looking extra luscious.
While momma was out on her "adult" outings, she took a stroll to the end of the Pier to shoot some pics of San Clemente at a different angle.
You can't see our crib, but we live on top of the hill.
Momma said she has to be like our Auntie Elke and take a snap of the purple flower.
Daddy didn't have to work today so we spent the entire day with him. This morning we hung out at the beach and came across a cool fort.
It was nice spending Sunday with daddy as he is often working. Plus, it was nice for momma to have a break as she gives up a lot to care for us, always making us her number one priority...but we sure did miss her.

Hoping everyone had a great weekend and thanx for stopping by to see what we've been up too. Thus far, our summer has been great!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Frisbee Lesson

This morning we went to David from Disc Dog/Top Gun's Frisbee class. Even though Frisbee is not OoRah's favorite sport, he was a very tentative student.
David and his dog Maverick demonstrate some tricks.
Nice catch!
Time for mama and Trixie to try out some moves.
Trixie did the "round back" move.
And off she goes!
Was a good class. Granted we needs heaps of practice...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh La La...Pierre (thanx Debbie)

Today's mommas friend Pierre, whom she hasn't seen in over 15 years, hung out with us for the afternoon. Yes Pierre is a big man (no naughty thoughts Ladies)...meaning he stands at 6'5 and is 200 pounds of muscle baby.
It's good to see old acquaintances and turn them into new ones again. :)
Thanx for visiting Pierre and don't be a stranger.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Beaching it with Trixie's man Sammy and Auntie Julie

This morning we hit the beach with Trixie's man Sammy."OK, where's that ball?"
Uh oh! Sammy got a frightened look on his face.
Sammy is trying to run fast, but he can't out run Trixie.
Trixie says "It's time to take Sammy down American Indian style."
Sammy runs off with the ball just in time to avoid Trixie's "bewitching hour". She-devil indeed.
A mellow moment.
Checking out the washed up tree. Ummm wonder how far this tree traveled.
Sammy was determined to take the tree home, but it was just a lil to much size for pulling.
Hope everyone had a awesome and safe 4th of July weekend. Ours was nice and relaxing.
Until next time...Peace!