Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex & the City Premier Release Party

Last night momma rolled VIP style to the Sex & the City premier release party at the St. Regis in Dana Point with Rene and our celebrity cousin Kia. Above we share a chat with American Gladiator Alex "Militia" Castro.
Oh la la...check out momma with the Calvin Klein underwear models.
Rene met his dream girl, Olga...but unfortunately, she is engaged.
Nice biceps Militia!
Well it's not an OC party unless Rene and Kia are surrounded by hot girls.
Calvin Klein underwear model strutting his...ummm stuff.
Dancing baby...
Thanx Rene and Kia for taking our momma out for a good time. You can also check out the article and more pics from the Orange County Register:

Sunday, May 25, 2008

KSBR Birthday Bash/Jazz Concert

Tonight momma went out without us. Reckon she deserves a night out. Momma went to the KSBR Birthday Bash/Jazz Concert. There were over 25 performers playing, but she only took pictures of two performers as they were the only ones that she fancied. Below is Jackiem Joyner (only 28). He plays a mean Sax. Here is his link if ya wanna check out his sound:

Momma was really digging Nils though. He was very humble and momma said he gave her two kisses in addition to a poster that he signed.

Nils' site is below if ya wanna have a listen to him play the guitar. Momma also said she is gonna sleep with the poster for a couple nights. "Uh oh!"

Momma takes great care of us on a daily basis and we're glad she had a nice evening at the jazz concert...but next time we wanna go.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pics Taken By Marie at AIDog Gathering at Cosmo Park, AZ

Check out Marie's pictures from the American Indian Dog gathering at Cosmo Dog Park in Gilbert, AZ last weekend. They are awesome. Thanx Marie!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gilbert, AZ Newspaper Article

The Gilbert, AZ newspaper had a article about our American Indian Dog gathering prior to us arriving there.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

We're back in Cali

We returned home today from a great weekend in Arizona. We are so fortunate to be able to visit our distant relatives and make new friends.
Wishing everybody a good week ahead.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

American Indian Dog Gathering at Cosmo Park

Today we enjoyed an American Indian Dog gathering with our cousins and our litter mate brother Jake, whom we haven't seen in an year and a half, at Cosmo Dog Park in Gilbert, AZ.
Above is a partial group picture. Below is a full group picture.
Uh oh...someone is trying to interrupt the group picture.
Marie and her American Indian Dogs.
Trixie is Queen of the stairs.
Now OoRah is King of the stairs. OoRah and Trixie's litter mate brother Jake has taken over the throne.
Sky looking lovely. Sky lives in Arizona and was happy to meet her distant relatives.
Mommas cousin Valerie who also lives in Arizona, met up with us at the park. It was great to finally meet her.
Valerie's mate Devin fell in love with so many dogs.
OoRah is enjoying some good loving.
Cosmo Dog Park was awesome and indeed the best dog park we have ever seen. The park had a huge lake with a jumping dock. Momma threw us and our brother Jake in the water and hopefully we will have those pics soon to post on the blog.
OoRah and Jake relaxing after a good romp.It was a great day hanging with our family and friends.

Sun City West in the morning

This morning we went for a walk in Sun City West and came across this cool fountain. If we had some soap, we could have taken a bath.
But then we came across this lake and that was "koolie-o"!!!
"Catch me if ya can" Trixie says.
The Swans are so beautiful as they glided on the water.
Check out this Argentina Cactus...raw beauty in the desert.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Road Trip!!

This weekend we're on a road trip to Arizona to hang out with our American Indian Dog family and friends. Will be good fun and can't wait to see everyone.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Momma's Day!

Today is Mommas' Day. That means all mommas are suppose to relax, be spoiled and smell the sun flowers. Though it looks more like Trixie and OoRah are doing the relaxing and momma is smelling the sunflower.
This sun flower gave OoRah's nose a tickle.
After we relaxed in the back yard, we took momma to 3 Dog Bakery and gave love to Aunti Claire. Of course we got some good treats too.
Something about this ottoman chair and taking pictures. Okay, cause it's Mommas' Day, we'll take another picture with momma.
We hope all the mommas in the world had a extra special day. Now we are going to go fix our momma a special dinner.

Happy Sunday too and have a great week!