Saturday, June 30, 2007

Swimming Lessons

It's time to practice swimming, so Trixie can be ready for Dock Diving next Saturday. Below Trixie is checking out the waves, getting a feel of the ocean temperature...which was nice and warm.
"Let me go daddy...I can swim", Trixie says.
Oh no!!! It's OoRah's turn to give it a go. "I so dislike the water" OoRah protests.
"My paws are getting wet!!" OoRah shouts. "Oh don't be such a cry baby" replies Trixie.
"I'm going back in", Trixie says.
Enough swimming...time to relax.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

For Perla

Today our heart goes out to Judy and her especially sweet Black Lab, Perla. Perla has lung cancer which seems to be progressing rapidly. We have known Perla for all of her eight years. Perla has out lived 3 of our own dogs, and has been there to comfort us when we lost our dogs. Perla's disposition is as sweet as they come. One of Perla's favorite things to do is going for a ride in the car.
Perla was a babysitter and teacher to our Doberman, Tufe.
She is always up for playing chase with the tennis ball.
And Perla always has a smile on her face.
We hope Perla will prove the doctors wrong and stay with us for a long time to come. Should you want to send Judy good wishes, please email her at

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Chillin' Weekend

Daddy was gone most of the weekend visiting his father in ya know when the cat's away, the mice play!! "My ball" OoRah says.
"Not for long" Trixie replies.
"I am gonna play with it now" Trixie says.
While out and about, Trixie couldn't resist giving this cute girl in pink a lil suga.
Whooaaa...check out momma...daddy better get home quick!
While momma was downstairs, we were suppose to be updating our blog. Instead, momma caught us searching the net. OoRah is smitten with Lavinya, a Saarlooswolfhonden that lives in The Netherlands. You can check her out and her wild momma Elke at
" I love Lavinya."
Trixie decided to check out Kaya...she just loves the outfit Kaya is wearing. She was also checking out Navaho. You can check out more of Kaya and Navaho at They too live overseas and are Native American Indian Dogs.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

First Day of Summer

Today is the first official day of Summer and this is what we did to bring it in. During the heat of the day we relaxed on the cool slate.
Then Auntie Judy bought over some corn on the cob, so we had to test taste it.
Time to wrestle...UFC baby!!!
Heading out for our evening walk, we saw Uncle Dave...p.s.-our Auntie Elke in the Netherlands has the hots for Uncle Dave, but she is gonna have to share him with Trixie.
Then it was off to the kiddie park to play in the tunnel.
We know what your thinking, ya we do most of this stuff everyday...but hey, it's the first day of Summer and that's cause for celebration.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all you daddy's out there. We took our daddy out to lunch and then walked him to Farmer's Market, the pier and of course had to stop in at 3 Dog Bakery for a treat or 2 and 3. Was beautiful out. While at the Farmer's Market, mom loved how the Sunflowers were looking so we had to get a pic next to em...seeing how Sunflowers are mom's favorite flower, we couldn't pass it up.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Beaching it with Auntie Gretchen and Weeko

This afternoon mom and dad took us to Petsmart and we ran into our fav dog trainer, Yolanda, whom in July, we are going to take her 'Trick Training' class to learn a bunch of tricks. We cant wait...then we can show off our new tricks to our pal Kia.
After Petsmart we hooked up with Auntie Gretchen and cousin Weeko at the beach. Weeko met a new Dobe friend...I think he was smitten with Weeko. Do ya blame him?? Weeko is a cutie, just look at that smile.
Uh oh...who is going in the water...them or us!!
Weeko and Trixie debate whether to join Auntie Gretchen for a swim.
Weeko howling and pacing trying to coax her momma to come out of the water.
"OK" Trixie says, "I'll join ya for a swim."
"Here I am", Trixie says.
Enough playing in the water, this stick is better fun.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Swimming Lessons

Today was swimming lessons for OoRah and Trixie. "Come on in the water is fine."
Trixie is pondering..."should I or shouldn't I??"
And Trixie is in the water swimming.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Namasta, It's Hump Day.

Namasta yogi's. Daddy couldn't help striking a yoga pose while on this afternoon's hike. "Do your thing daddy, we will just chill and take in the cool fog air."

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cruising on a Sunday Afternoon

Today, we dropped the top on the Mini...yeah baby!
First order of business was getting some grub, so we stopped in at Chronic Tacos in Dana Point...yummy.
After we filled our bellies, we cruised the coast and of course stopped off here and there to play in the sand and get our paws was great, the wind blowing in our fur and catching all the
Trixie is having so much fun, but OoRah is keeping his eye on the road...ummm back seat driver.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sunny Saturday

We had such a good time at the beach Friday, that we went again today...another awesome was perfect. There was some commotion with seagulls out in the ocean, so mom and Trixie decided to take a look to check it out.
Mom and Trixie were determined to get OoRah's paws wet. "A wave is coming."
No more dry paws for OoRah.
Then daddy decided to do some rock climbing and work on our agility.
"God Lord this is steep."
"We made it...whew."
Today was a picture perfect day.

Friday, June 8, 2007


Thank God it's Friday...that is what momma was saying all day. Momma had a rough week, but it's Friday now and this afternoon we went to State Beach to visit Auntie Kellie, her man Tony and our buddy Lance. They are camping at State Beach this weekend, so we had to go check out their camp site and join them for a walk on the beach.
Trixie and Lance playing in the water.
This Blue Crab is what Tony will be cooking on the camp fire tonight for dinner...yummy.
Is Lance having a good time or what...rock on Lance!