Friday, June 8, 2007


Thank God it's Friday...that is what momma was saying all day. Momma had a rough week, but it's Friday now and this afternoon we went to State Beach to visit Auntie Kellie, her man Tony and our buddy Lance. They are camping at State Beach this weekend, so we had to go check out their camp site and join them for a walk on the beach.
Trixie and Lance playing in the water.
This Blue Crab is what Tony will be cooking on the camp fire tonight for dinner...yummy.
Is Lance having a good time or what...rock on Lance!


Wolvinya said...

Hello Scott,Illandia,OoRah & Trixie!

Just over a month ago a friend of mine pointed out your weblog to me when I was just starting my own.
I've been enjoying yours ever since and I check it out each day.

My friend has 4 American Indian Dogs and 1 Saarlooswolfhond.
I myself share my life with a gorgeous Saarlooswolfhond and a rough,tough giant-Chihuahua.

You live in a beautiful environment with a great climate!

Keep having those wonderful adventures you guys have!

Greetings from the Great Below (sea-level),the Netherlands


Anonymous said...