Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Shout Out From Trixie

Hey everybody, as always, my brother OoRah and I thank you for stopping by and checking our blog out. We hope your summer has been as great as ours...can't believe summer is almost over. Today momma took us to the beach and of course we had a fabulous time playing in the water and playing with the other dogs.
For those we didn't get a chance to see this summer, we hope we can see ya in the fall/winter for some long hikes on the trails.
Ruffs & Licks, Trixie

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pics of Weeko's Birthday Party taken by Dan-O.

The pics below were taken by Dan-O (Weeko's daddy) at Weeko's birthday party last Saturday.

Below momma giving Weeko a birthday kiss.
Weeko licking something off her lips...hopefully it wasnt mommas kiss. Check out Trixie in the background giving Koda mouth to mouth. LMAO!!!
It was a party alright...major playing and tussling.
American Indian wrestling at its finest.
Thanx for the pics Dan-O.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beaching it with Shadow and his daddy Scott

On this beautiful Sunday, we meet Shadow and his daddy Scott at the beach. Below Trixie attempts to get the ball from Shadow.
Shadow loves chasing the ball. Not sure who had more fun, Scott chucking the ball or Shadow chasing the ball.
Round and round...
and round they go!OoRah and momma have the same hair color...golden locks on the beach.
Chilling out at the driftwood fort.
OK, one more swim before heading home.
Shadow got his swim on too.
Was a great day at the beach. Thanx for hanging with us Shadow.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Weeko!

Today we helped our cousin Weeko celebrate her birthday...the big 2.
Auntie Gretchen had pupcakes for all of us. OoRah is definitely enjoying his pupcake.
Group shot.
Weeko and OoRah having a tussle.
Weeko slams OoRah with her booty.
Happy Birthday Weeko!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bitchin' Beach Day

Before heading to the beach, we had to strike a pose to display mommas tattoos on her backside. Oh so sexy.
Ah a nice calm walk on the beach.
Uh oh! Time for Trixie to get crazy.
Watch out OoRah!
Nice move...OoRah gives Trixie a karate chop to the throat.
After the vigorous wrestling, OoRah decided to take a mud bath.
Trixie opted for a salt water bath.
But when we got home, momma gave us a hose bath...then we did a sun bath.
Cali sure has been heating up. Couple weeks ago we had a 5.8 earth shake and now we got a consistent heat wave. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Can ya'll believe its August already!?! Where did the months go.
Thanx for stopping by.