Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's Hot Up In Here!

It was 90 degrees along the warm that we took to the beach early in the morning. Trixie and OoRah checking out the waves...who will get wet first.
Water Diva Trixie makes a splash.
Ok, Trixie makes a couple of splashes.
OoRah is more smooth about his swim techniques.
Just gliding in the smooth swimmer.
After getting wet it's time to get wild amongst the sand dunes.
Nice leap!
Go Trixie!
For ya'll in Cali, stay cool.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

With the help of momma, this morning we took daddy to our favorite Cafe for breakie.
Pan whipped up a tasty breakie.
Even though it's Father's Day, OoRah got some special rasta lovin' from momma.
And even a rasta kiss.
Not sure what Trixie's been drinking, but she looks looped. Since it's Father's Day reckon it's cause for celebration.
Happy Father's Day to all the cool daddies out there.

Beach by Day, Jazz at Night

Momma took us to the beach this morning and said we are true beach beauties.
Trixie is pondering whether or not she should venture deeper into the ocean waters.
OoRah can't quite figure this sea urchin out.
"Eewww!" "OK, a lil nibble."
Then in the eve, momma went to Chris Standring's CD release party.
Momma always meets the musicians.
Here is Chris' link if ya want to have a listen to his music:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Congrats Diesel!!

Diesel whom we met at luring took 1st place at a weight pull contest!!! Rock on Diesel...truly "Diesel Power".

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Can You Believe It's June 1st...Already!

Can you believe it's June first already...2008 is 1/2 over. This morning on our mtn bike run, momma spotted several wild Sunflowers in the field. Seeing how Sunflowers is mommas favorite flower, she couldn't resist taking a pic of it, in addition to bringing it home and replanting it in the front yard.
Then it was to the garage to clean out some boxes in preparation for next weeks garage sale. While emptying out a box, momma came across this pic that was taken 13 years ago of her and her Dalmatian Billy. "Wow!"
OK, so enough work/house cleaning, it's time to hit the beach for some series playing, like Frisbee.
Or for OoRah, taking a stroll...
or playing in the waves.
And always looking pretty for a picture.
And of course, taking time out to give momma a kiss.
Happy June...21 more days til summer begins.