Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, and boy is it a beautiful one. The sun broke through the marine layer early this morn and it even warmed up nicely. At Semper Fi Park in San Clemente, there was a Memorial Day Service, so we had to check it out and give thanx to all the troops that help keep our country safe and honor the ones that perished. Thus, we found a few good men to take a pic w/ sure is smiling...does daddy know what's going on here.
Before the Memorial Day Ceremonies got started, we met a really nice lady from Laguna Beach who gave us heaps of kisses, pets and hugs...we liked her alot.
It was a beautiful day and again we thank all the men and women who are keeping our country safe...they made this great day possible. We hope ya'll had a safe Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Huntington Dog Beach...All Day Baby!

Today, the sun broke through the marine layer a lil more, so we cruised to Huntington Dog Beach to hang out with our pals Rene, Sara, Kia, Cooper and Icabod..."yeah!" Above we take a break from digging and take a pic with daddy.
Trixie striking her model poise for VitaPaw.
OK, who will dig to China faster...Kia or Trixie and OoRah.
Momma blowing a kiss...yeah baby!
Kia stops digging and decides to chill with her momma Sara and brother Cooper. Kia you lucky dog you.
Cooper and Trixie still in love...hummm that's an Al Green song.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday in the Park

Our Saturday morning started out good w/our weekend mtn bike run. When we got home, we ate our kibble breakie, napped and got ready to head out into the world. First stop was Petsmart...we saw our cool friends there (mom forgot to bring in the camera) and met the Petsmart trainer. She taught us some cool new now we have more tricks to work on...reckon this learning stuff never ends. The pretty lady kibble food demonstrator gave us heaps of hugs and kisses...we could spend the whole day there, but it was off to Madisons in Laguna Beach for some lunch. Before lunch, we discovered this neat lil park and took a pic w/daddy and people watched.
After getting our grub on at Madisons, we headed to Top of the World and hiked the Park Avenue Nature that was a booty kicker...but mom was looking lovely amongst the foliage, so we had to snap a pic of her.
After our hike, we chilled at Alta Laguna Park and watched the skate boarders do some cool tricks.
The marine layer was still hiding the sun...maybe the sun will come out tomorrow, but tonight the UFC fight is on...we are going for Rampage Jackson to knock Liddell out! "Yeah baby!"

Friday, May 25, 2007

Holiday Weekend is Here!

The first official holiday weekend is here...but what is wrong with this picture??? The sun is behind the marine layer. We are on bended paws hoping the sun will break through the marine layer this more gray skies...we gotta work on our tans. But no worries, sun or no sun, we will have a bitchin' Memorial Day weekend, and we hope ya'll will do the same.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

No More Hay

We graduated from hay for our potty area to Tuff Turf (an artificial grass). Right we get to go to the bathroom in style.

Love & Happiness

"I'm still in love with you..." is a tune mom has been singing alot...and no wonder, Al Green was at the Dohney Blues Festival this weekend. We didnt get to go, but mom and dad did. They met Auntie Kellie and her boyfriend Tony there. They returned home singing more of Al Green's songs...reckon they had a good time.

Since we behaved while left alone Saturday night, Sunday morning mom and dad took us on a extra good mtn bike ride, gave us a bath (that wasnt so fun), then we all cuddled up and took a lil nap. The fog socked the sun in, so mom thought it would be a nice afternoon to do the beach trail walk and hit Farmer's Market as it wouldnt be so hot. We had to carry our own water though, so w/out complaint, we put on our backs and headed to the trail.
When we got home, we went over Auntie Claudette's house and played w/her granddog Koby. He is a big boy and we had a good time romping with Koby...too bad he is only visiting and goes home soon.
Catch me if ya can!
Whoaaa...knock out!
Thanx for visiting.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

It's Momma's Day, so we put together our allowance bones, gave it to daddy so we could take momma downtown for some lunch.
But of course it couldn't be all about momma. We stopped in at 3 Dog Bakery to sample some treats. Claire let us taste test the Lickety Splits ice cream...and it was delicious!
It was such a beautiful day, we also took momma to the beach.
All this picture taking and walking made us parched...good thing we had a bottle of Vita Paw water on hand.
We're tired...time to go home.
Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

6 Months of Age

We turned 6 months of age May 9th. Our Grandmama sent us $20, so mommy and daddy took us to the Feed Barn to pick out whatever we wanted. It was really hard to decide on which bones to get.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Fight Night and Sunny Sunday

Saturday night was fight night...DeLaHoya vs Mayweather. We all were hoping for an awesome night of broken noses and knock outs. But no, instead we got a boring ass 12 round fight. We (mom, OoRah and Trixie) was hoping that DeLaHoya would knock out Mayweather, but that obviously didnt happen. Trixie was just besides herself as she listened to DeLaHoya give his comment on why he lost the fight.
Sunday was such a beautiful sunny Sunday that our friends Rene, Sarah, Cooper (pic below), Ichabod and Kia came over to hang out w/us.
Trixie and Cooper are in love...Trixie and Cooper never left each other's side and was always playing. Is a wedding in the future???
The humans decided to do a photo session on the Tee Pee w/all the dogs. Good Lord!!! Kia was the only one that stayed put for the pic.
This is crazy...
Trixie giving Cooper a kiss...again.