Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Quiet Weekend

Though Dad was in AZ visiting his dad, Sunday we did manage to make it to the beach. Dad's dad is ill and he had to leave abruptly Friday. But this morning mom took us to our fav trail 1 to hang out and get sandy. Next weekend we hope to see our friends and visit Grandma and Grandpa Baldwin in the ghetto and meet Sassy.

Sorry this weekend's blog is not exciting, but sometime's life's details arises and need to take care of matters at hand. We hope Grandpa Jim gets better.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Fun Time at KK's House

Today we took a road trip to Monrovia to visit KK and meet the other AI Dogs. It was too cool to see the variety of colors of all the AI Dogs...even met some short haired AI Dogs.

It was tough, but we got a group pic.

OoRah getting ready to do agility. "The worries."

Trixie giving up the love to Erin.

"OK, everyone in the pool!"

Should I or shouldnt I???

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dispite Rain in the Forecast, We Hit the Beach with Stryder &Sierra

Meet Kenny G (no, not the Sax player), but Kenny G the owner of Stryder and Sierra...a pair of cool Huskies.
The beach was beautiful with the gray skies and crisp air...wasnt so hot, so we played hard.

"Take this!" OoRah lands a right hook paw punch to Stryder.

Momma loves picking up Trixie and kissing her on her lil pot belly.

Enough walking, time to cook up this lobster.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Another Beautiful Day in Cali

It's a wonderful world.

Can you believe God blessed us again with another great day. It's Sunday so of course we headed to the beach and on this trip we decided to check out the water and see what those Seagulls were doing.

Then we headed to our fav Coffee Shop and chilled while passerbyers stopped to give us love.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Not Just for American Indian Dogs

So yeah it finally rained in Southern Cali...but today rocked and we got to join our friends, (AIDogs, Danes, Labs, Terrier and Greyhound and a paper guy that Kelly pulled out of her back pack) for an awesome hike in Talega.

Getting some love, Hansel was shy at first, but realized it was a "no worry" hike.

Cooper is sleek and sexy with his long legs. Ms. Perla in the background on the hunt for rabbits.

It was good to hang with Kelly and Lance's been almost a year since we seen em'. Welcome back to the pack, though we still don't believe Tony exists. :)
Trixie loves Koda.
And Cooper says, "What up AIDogs?" Kia checking it all out.

Ben and Hansel enjoying quality time together.

Tired AIDogs...let's just take a nap against this warm rock.