Saturday, February 3, 2007

Not Just for American Indian Dogs

So yeah it finally rained in Southern Cali...but today rocked and we got to join our friends, (AIDogs, Danes, Labs, Terrier and Greyhound and a paper guy that Kelly pulled out of her back pack) for an awesome hike in Talega.

Getting some love, Hansel was shy at first, but realized it was a "no worry" hike.

Cooper is sleek and sexy with his long legs. Ms. Perla in the background on the hunt for rabbits.

It was good to hang with Kelly and Lance's been almost a year since we seen em'. Welcome back to the pack, though we still don't believe Tony exists. :)
Trixie loves Koda.
And Cooper says, "What up AIDogs?" Kia checking it all out.

Ben and Hansel enjoying quality time together.

Tired AIDogs...let's just take a nap against this warm rock.

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