Sunday, March 15, 2009

Diggin' It

Oh yeah, y'all know what we did today. After the morning fog lifted, it was just gorgeous out.
We're diggin 2 China...
We're diggin 2 the Netherlands...
Nope...we're diggin the day.
Momma's "Gadget" hung out with us at the beach and he played and threw the ball for us the entire time. Then he gave us a bath. Now that was mighty nice of him.
For our Irish friends, want to wish y'all a Happy St. Patty's Day and Spring is this Friday.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunny, Nice Temps, Low Tide = Beach

"Can't complain about anything today...and why complain, it don't solve matters."
"So let's party and get our run on!"
OoRah truly enjoying himself in the water. Reckon he's getting ready for the Surfinpaws Surf Event in July.
Trixie of course is the beautiful Beach Babe. "U go it!"
In the news, not too many good/happy stories being reported lately, nothing but bad juju. We're not going to dwell on what's wrong, instead we're going to keep marching forward, laugh more than cry and lend a helping hand where needed.
As always thanx for stopping by.
OoRah & Trixie...and their momma too. :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Fields are in Bloom

From all the rain we received in February, the fields are in bloom with Wild Flowers and Mustard Grass. Was a crystal clear day with temperatures in the 60's.
We're doing our best to send some Cali warmth to the our extended family in the Netherlands. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lazy & Hot Sunday.

First off, can you believe its March 1st!?! We're still celebrating Valentine's Day, enjoying those extra kisses and lovin. This weekend was chillin out doggy style. And dig this, the temperature was in the 80' was like summer time.
It was a lazy Sunday...after we soaked up the sun rays, we took a stroll downtown.
Momma was happy to work on her golden skin tan and do a lil magazine reading.
Oh, as promised, check out the link to momma getting her groove on at Matt and Kelli's wedding.
A big thanx to Uncle Rene for putting it together.