Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hanging Out With Kia & Poncho Villa

First off, it was freaking hot...talking 95 degrees hot. Momma's good friend Rene' and our best pal Kia and new dog on the block Poncho Villa, came to hang out with us.
First order of business (after lunch of course) was stopping by and saying hello to Auntie Vanessa aka Butterfly. Check out her cool butterfly tattoo...sweet!
Next order of business was 3 Dog Bakery for treats...and Poncho V even got a new collar and harness. What a Lucky dog he is.
Then it was off to the beach. Lovely family photo of Rene', Poncho Villa and Kia.
Uh oh...Kia got the ball.
And she definitely can hold her own with the American Indian Dogs.
Group shot.
Oh la la...momma striking a sexy pose.
After the beach, it was bath time for all of us.
Even lil Kia got a bath.
I think it's safe to say that Poncho V had a good day meeting and hanging out with his new buddies. "Welcome to the family Poncho rock!"

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another One

Soon we will have to change our blog to "Snakes". I can't believe how many snakes we have spotted so early in the year. I think this snake is a Garden/Gopher Snake (which is not dangerous/poisoness)...but I wasn't going to get close enough to find out. This snake is grande!
We came across this beauty while mountain biking this afternoon.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Celebrating Earth Day with Panhe Tribe

Today we celebrated Earth Day with the Native American Village of Panhe.
I'm not quite sure who the celebrity is...OoRah or the Pahne Native American Indian.
There was some nice hand made crafts.
History information.
And a stuffed Bobcat that OoRah wanted to get.
This guy was very knowledgeable about American Indian Dogs. He was very fond of Trixie.
The dancing and singing was awesome too.
Just like Valentine's Day, Earth Day should be celebrated everyday. We must take care to treat our Mother Earth with great respect.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nob Hill Rattler

On our mountain bike ride this afternoon, we came across the Nob Hill Rattler.
Momma didn't want to test our snake avoidance skills, so she hooked us up and we watched as the snake slithered across the path.
Looks like he just ate something as his belly looks a lil plump.

Girls Friday Night with Shawn Jones

Tonight momma and Auntie Kellie went to go see Shawn Jones play in Laguna Beach...yep, and we took Elke along too! It was a girls Friday night out.
Auntie Kellie, Shawn Jones and Elke sharing a laugh.
BJ (the drummer) and momma sharing a hug.
Momma and Shawn Jones.
This is the first time momma heard of Shawn Jones. Excellent blues and rock band.
Auntie Kellie getting her dance on. Now Kellie has seen Shawn Jones perform many times and is a loyal fan, and she is in love with Shawn Jones too. You go Kellie...get that man!
Shawn Jones is currently touring in Orange County, but will soon be heading to the Netherlands (no joke). So Elke, you can check his website for the dates and we hope you had a good time hanging out with us. :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fuzzle's Profession Pics

Jennifer of Fuzzle Photograph captured some great shots on film. Check it out:

You can spot OoRah and Trixie on pages 1, 3 & 4. Check out pages 4 & 5 though for a great action shot of the Whippet wiping out. Crazy stuff.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Outrageous Heat Wave

Southern Cali is having an outrageous heat wave...90 degrees on the coast. We spent the majority of the day in the water, playing ball.
OoRah makes an attempt to steal the ball from Trixie.
"Ha...I got it" OoRah laughing says.
"Not for long little brother" Trixie replies.
Trixie stole the ball back and is off and running.
Is that a it's OoRah being sneaky.
Stay cool Southern Cali...we need to send some of this heat to our extended family in the Netherlands.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

And the Lure Winners Are!

Check it out:

Today's winners in each category were:

Peewee Class (under 10 pounds) -
1st Place: Puka (Chihuahua - 42.16 seconds); Winnie (Chihuahua mix - 53.12 seconds)

Mini Class (11-20 pounds) -
1st Place: Asta (JRT - 29.84 seconds); 2nd Place: Max (35.12 seconds)

Classic Class (21-35 pounds) -
1st Place: Cisco (Whippet - 24.49 seconds); 2nd Place: Trixie (American Indian Dog - 24.94 seconds)

Standard Class (36 - 50 pounds) -
1st Place: Ella (Greyhound - 26.50 seconds); Diesel (American Pit Bull Terrier - 30.58 seconds)

King/Queen Class (51 - 70 pounds) -
1st Place: Mutzi (German Shepherd - 30.53 seconds); No qualifying 2nd place dog

Congratulations to all the winners!! Thanks, again, everyone for a really fun day. Thanks, also to my terrific crew and volunteers - we couldn't have done it without you!

Getting Our Lure On!!!

Today we went to La Mesa to get our lure on with Luratics. It was a beautiful day out too...perfect for luring.
This hound is ready to lure.
And yes, this lil guy lures too.
Our Auntie Debbie came to watch us lure and take some pictures with her mega zoom lens. Note: check out the Shepard in the back ground...he was so excited about luring and watching the other dogs, he had to wear blinders to stay calm.
Auntie Debbie and Uncle Glenn taking some pics.
Dad giving Trixie and OoRah pointers and discussing the lure course.
"Go Trixie Go!"
Trixie stretching it out.
OoRah has the lure in his sight.
"Yeah OoRah!"
The day was perfect. OoRah and Trixie each ran 3 heaps. The course was 400 yards. OoRah's time: 28.2; 26.6; 29. Trixie's time: 24.94; 26.5; 25.4.
"This is too fun" Trixie says. "Luring Rocks!"

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Snake Avoidance Class

Last Sunday, the "Nob Hill Rattler" terrorized us, our cousins Koda and Weeko, and others who walk the Ridgeline Trail. So Gretchen decided we needed the assistance of the Snake Man to teach our dogs snake avoidance. Below is one of the snakes (which is muzzled) used in the class.
Koda was a brave girl and was the first to receive a lesson in snake avoidance.
OoRah walking just a little too close to the snake.
OK, that's a little better distance. "I'm watching you" OoRah says to the snake.
"Run Weeko Run!"
After each dog had their snake avoidance lesson, Gretchen was the safe retreat.
A very rare sight...American Indian Dogs clam and laying still. Class must have took a toll on em'.
Well, we hope our dogs are smarter now when it comes to avoiding snakes. Be careful out there while on the trail. Though it's early, snake season is here.