Saturday, April 12, 2008

And the Lure Winners Are!

Check it out:

Today's winners in each category were:

Peewee Class (under 10 pounds) -
1st Place: Puka (Chihuahua - 42.16 seconds); Winnie (Chihuahua mix - 53.12 seconds)

Mini Class (11-20 pounds) -
1st Place: Asta (JRT - 29.84 seconds); 2nd Place: Max (35.12 seconds)

Classic Class (21-35 pounds) -
1st Place: Cisco (Whippet - 24.49 seconds); 2nd Place: Trixie (American Indian Dog - 24.94 seconds)

Standard Class (36 - 50 pounds) -
1st Place: Ella (Greyhound - 26.50 seconds); Diesel (American Pit Bull Terrier - 30.58 seconds)

King/Queen Class (51 - 70 pounds) -
1st Place: Mutzi (German Shepherd - 30.53 seconds); No qualifying 2nd place dog

Congratulations to all the winners!! Thanks, again, everyone for a really fun day. Thanks, also to my terrific crew and volunteers - we couldn't have done it without you!


~WOLVINYA~ said...

Congrats Trixie!!!!
Well done girl!!!!

Sorcia loves them fast and furious...


WolfDen said...

Wow that's great!!!!
Congrats from all the racing cousins!

madcorona said...

thats one fast dog you have there, congrats,cant wait how she is doing against spirtitt in may