Saturday, April 5, 2008

Snake Avoidance Class

Last Sunday, the "Nob Hill Rattler" terrorized us, our cousins Koda and Weeko, and others who walk the Ridgeline Trail. So Gretchen decided we needed the assistance of the Snake Man to teach our dogs snake avoidance. Below is one of the snakes (which is muzzled) used in the class.
Koda was a brave girl and was the first to receive a lesson in snake avoidance.
OoRah walking just a little too close to the snake.
OK, that's a little better distance. "I'm watching you" OoRah says to the snake.
"Run Weeko Run!"
After each dog had their snake avoidance lesson, Gretchen was the safe retreat.
A very rare sight...American Indian Dogs clam and laying still. Class must have took a toll on em'.
Well, we hope our dogs are smarter now when it comes to avoiding snakes. Be careful out there while on the trail. Though it's early, snake season is here.


~WOLVINYA~ said...

Lav.'s heart is melting when she looks at her tough boy showing off.

Love the pic of Gretchen being invaded by Indians!!


WolfDen said...

I'm glad we do not need those classes over here. I would be the one running away from snakes...yikkes don't like them.
Great pic of Indian Dogs hiding Gretchen!

madcorona said...

so cool youre going to that gathering, wish i could be there too, but have other things to do then LOL

Scott & Iilandia said...

well if i ever come visit ya'll i guess i have to stow a rattler or two, ya'll can have some over there.

they are beautiful animals, but very dangerous if bitten.