Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just Chillin'

Just a chillin', hanging out downtown San Clemente. But of course, this time we had to carry our own water, boop bags, plus mom's wallet in our K9 Kelty Backpack. It's all good though...after our walk and visiting, mom and dad took us to 3Dog Bakery and we got some fresh made treats.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hanging With Our Cousins

This morning we met our Cousins Koda and Weeko on the trail for some mtn biking. But the best part was giving love to Aunti Gretchen. It's been too long since we last seen her and had to make up for lost time.
Koda in the mist.
Daddy and Weeko taking the hill.
Here comes Uncle Dan.
Here comes Aunti Gretchen...all smiles and a thumbs up!
After our 4 mi mtn bike ride, it was time to take rest in our new bed.

Friday, April 27, 2007


Seeing how it is Friday, Trixie decided she better help mom with the accounting to make sure enough money is set aside for K9 treats and eats this weekend.

Happy Friday Ya'll.


Can you believe that we will be 6 months of age May 9th. We got an early birthday gift...a new Bagel's Nest bed. Its soooo comfy. We also got a couple of Kelty K9 backpacks (pic of them coming later), so now we can carry our own water and boop bags, plus some of mom's stuff.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Had to Share..Our Sister Zoey.

We have to share these pics of our sister Zoey. Look at those ears and beautiful blue eyes. Last time we visited with Zoey was about a month ago. We hope to see her again soon and tug on those ears.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

No Rain Yet!

Weather people are predicting rain for today, Sunday...thus far no rain yet. Seeing how we had so much fun mtn biking yesterday (Saturday) through the Mustard Grass/Nob Hill, we decided to do it again this morning.
Trixie is fast!
Heading home.

Once we got home, cleaned up and had some breakie, it was time to take rest.
Seeing how the rain still hasnt arrived in Southern Cali yet (at least not in our area), we decided to check out the new trail behind the dog park. Trixie and dad study the map so we dont get lost.

This trail had heaps of switch backs and couple of cool bridges to cross over.
We made it...whew!
OoRah is having such a good time, he cant help himself and shows off his big smile.
We made it back. The trail is suppose to be 2mi, but we think it was for sure a 3mi hike.
Was a great hike, great weekend. Time to turn off the laptop and take a long snooze. Until next time. Ciao.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday, Saturday

It's Saturday and this morn we did another mtn bike ride (no pics, but trust us, it was fun). Then when we got back home, mom and dad had a garage sale and made $73!!! Yeah baby! Mom told us to behave or she would put a 4-sale sign on we were on our best behavior. Plus with money made, mom and dad said they would take us to 3 Dog Bakery that just opened up in the City. But b4 we went to the bakery, we made a pit stop at our fav Cafe for some coffee, kisses and hugs. Tito is our fav waitress there.
Then it was off to 3 Dog Bakery...below is Cesar, he works there with his human.
We chilled with daddy while mom shopped for us.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

First Obedience Class

Tonight was our first official group obedience class with Paul at K9 City. We been working on our obedience, but not in a group class setting. Tonight we worked on our stay, wait, come, walking down, heel/check. Paul was pretty impressed with what we already and dad been training us since they got us, so we already knew some of the commands. Paul recommended some good tips to mom and dad to continue our growth with regard to training.
"Good check for you."
"Good stay, good down."
Mom put OoRah on a down/stay and all the dogs walked by me...OoRah didnt budge.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday Mtn Bike Run & Pet Expo

Our morning started out with a mtn bike ride through the Mustard Greens Trail near Nob Hill. The Mustards were a beautiful brillant pretty.
Then while we napped, mom and dad jumped on the motorcycle and went to Costa Mesa to check out the Pet Expo. They saw alot of interestng exhibits....not just dogs, but snakes, birds, name it and it was there. The dog below is the top salesdog for selling dog hats.
While walking around mom and dad ran into one of our fav pals Kia. Kia was kind enough to pose next to her new dog water line, Vita Paw. "Dont forget us Kia when you become famous."
Just in case ya dont now, this is a Rattle Snake...whoaaaaa. Mom said she liked the sound of his rattler.
Gotta love this face...Irish Wolfhound.
This girl was getting all kinds of looks as she and her snake Smokey were doing some PR.
Another face ya gotta love.
Mom said there were heaps of animals to be adopted at the Pet Expo...if only we had room for some of them. Mom brought us home some new toys and chews. She was unable to meet Cesar Millan as the line was too long...maybe next time she will get that autograph.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Field Day

Its field day and mom is cleaning everything in sight, including us! Must admit, a good bath does feel good...gotta get rid of any bug a boos and what-have-yous. OoRah is too sexy for the red blanket.
No Trixie is not being a "ho" (ummm can we still use that word after Imus??), she is wondering when her belly hair is going to grow back. Boy whoever shaved her prior to her spayed did a f*** up job.
Happy Friday Ya'll.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Haute Dog Easter Parade

Today rocked! We went up to Long Beach to check out the Haute Dog Easter Parade. But, our first order of business was to find KK. Lucky enuf, we hit the dog beach, and low and behold we spotted the White Buffalo. Trixie and OoRah were extremly excited to see their pals Waya and Moon. If you are wondering why Scott looks postal, it is because OoRah and Trixie were not cooperating w/re to sitting for the pic...they were more interested in ya blame them...Waya is one hot Indian Dog. After we visited with Waya, Moon and their humans, we walked to Livingston Park to check out the Haute Dog Easter Parade festivities. We saw some cool costumes. This dog has a nice Bonnett.
Wow, these Greyhounds know how to dress...digging those colorful pjs.
If you look close, you will see four dogs in the cart.
Is that a Peacock???
Not sure what that outfit is...but it's bright.
Is that a Greyhound or a big bunny??
We had great Easter seeing our pals and making new ones. Hope ya'll had a glorious Easter too.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

My Balls Are Gone, My Balls Are Gone!

OoRah coming out of surgery wondering where his balls are...they gone baby! "Oh I am so not feeling well."
Nikko heard the news of OoRah's missing balls and had these words of wisdom, "Hey Oo, dont worry about your balls, the Bitches are only interested in one thing...the tongue man, the tongue. My balls been gone for over 6 years and I have more Bitches than I know what to do with."

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

It's Good Friday and Wishing Ya'll a Happy Easter

We got spayed/neutered yesterday, so this Good Friday is extra special because we are home recovering and doing good. Wishing ya'll a Happy Easter!

"I'm falling asleep here...can we eat the Bunnies now?"