Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday, Saturday

It's Saturday and this morn we did another mtn bike ride (no pics, but trust us, it was fun). Then when we got back home, mom and dad had a garage sale and made $73!!! Yeah baby! Mom told us to behave or she would put a 4-sale sign on we were on our best behavior. Plus with money made, mom and dad said they would take us to 3 Dog Bakery that just opened up in the City. But b4 we went to the bakery, we made a pit stop at our fav Cafe for some coffee, kisses and hugs. Tito is our fav waitress there.
Then it was off to 3 Dog Bakery...below is Cesar, he works there with his human.
We chilled with daddy while mom shopped for us.

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