Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Sam-Sam!

Happy Birthday Sam-Sam! Today Sammy turned the big of course we had to help him celebrate. And what do ya get when you turn 3...
A juicy kiss from Trixie.
Oh baby!!!!
Then we took a hike to Nob Hill and played amongst the mustard grass.
Run run run.
A birthday celebration is not complete without a visit to 3 Dog Bakery for some fresh baked treats.
Sammy thanx for letting us help you celebrate your number 3 birthday. It was great fun.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Barrack H. Obama...hell yeah baby!!!

If you have to ask what's happening this week, you don't need to be told! Barrack H. Obama gets sworn in as El Presidente of the United States! Are we excited? Hell yeah!
Trixie is so excited she worn mommas Obama shirt most of Monday.
In addition to the excitement of Obama becoming El Presidente, as always we had a great dogs life weekend. The warm weather still graced us in Southern Cali, so we took advantage of it and got wild at the beach.
Trixie demonstrating her aerial American Indian moves.
OoRah got moves of his own balancing on one leg.
"Bring it on!"
OoRah attempting to submerse Trixie in the water...not gonna happen.
We send paw-wishes to Obama and his family. We do hope he delivers and brings "change" throughout our country. Momma says things are F----- up and we need change now.
Thanx for stopping by and be sure to sign up to get your surf on in July at If you don't surf, com' on down and will be great fun. I think our cousins Kia and Poncho V did some practice surfing this weekend. Check em out at

Sunday, January 11, 2009

OK, we're up now!

Its been an unbelievable weather week. Monday through Thursday the low averaged from 27-35 degrees and highs were 55-60. Then all of sudden on Friday we got crazy 60 mph winds and the temperature hit 75 plus. Needless to say, Sunday we hit the beach with our cousins Kia and Poncho V.
Poncho V was a running machine at the lil Chihuahua. So fast he is going to enter the Chihuahua races in spring. Go Poncho V!
Kia got in the groove as well.
Momma and Auntie Chris...ummmm hot beach babes no doubt!
Uncle Rene' and Auntie Chris rode up on the motorcycle...styling.
And yep, in the back pack is Kia and Poncho V.
Other happenings this past week: On Thursday at 7:49 p.m. there was a 4.5 magnitude earthshake (we stayed calm and suffered no damage). We received via snail mail a cool card from Auntie Elke, Lav and Sor (thanx). And finally, Uncle Rene is putting together a surf event in Huntington Beach to be held on July 11 (so mark your calendars). You can find more details at
Important happening for this week...our grandmama's birthday is January 12th. She is the best grandmama in the world..."We love you grandmama and Happy Birthday!"

Alrighty y'all, thanx for stopping by and have a great week.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

No we're still not sleeping.

No we're still not sleeping 2009 away...well...maybe OoRah is. He came across daddy's eye cover and decided to give it a go and get his snooze on. We apologize that we haven't updated our blog since New Year's Day, been busy getting back to a somewhat normal schedule. Mommas taking more dance lessons, yoga classes and a Spanish class, and she is also doing more obedience training with us.
We hope every one's New Year thus far is off to a groovy start...ours is. We promise to update soon.

Peace, ruffs and heaps of licks,

O&T ;)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year! We could not think of a better way to ring in 2009 than to be snuggled up on the bed, snoozing with momma.
We wish everybody a prosperous 2009. May your heart be filled with more love than sorrow, laugh more than cry and have less hesitation so your life can be filled with new experiences and challenges.

Peace & Much Love,

OoRah & Trixie and our crazy momma too.