Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's Pool Time

Momma filled up the pool this morning and tossed some carrots, an apple, tennis ball and rubber duckie in it...time to go bobbing for the goods.
OoRah got the apple.
After we retrieved all of the goods out the pool, we went downtown for a lil lunch and of course had to stop in at 3 Dog Bakery for some treats. OoRah met a new buddy, and they decided to play while the humans chatted.
It's a nice warm Sunday, so after lunch when we returned home, we jumped back in the pool...this time momma joined us.
"I want in the picture too!" OoRah says.
I think we need a bigger pool!
"OK, move over daddy, I'm gonna take a nap too."

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Family & Friends

On our mountain bike run this morning, we ran into Uncle Dan and cousins Koda and Weeko. OoRah was so happy to see Uncle Dan that he couldnt stop that's a Colgate smile.
Time to tackle Koda and smoother her with kisses.
OK, a free for all American Indian Dog UFC mania!
On this afternoon's walk, we stopped by and said hi to our friend Tracy. Trixie has to make sure Tracy gets plenty of loving.
OoRah getting special belly rub.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

First Day of Trick Class

Today was our first day of trick class with Yolanda at Petsmart. For a first day, we got a lot of info...big time homework. We worked on "bow", "bang/play dead", "sit pretty" and "touch". Was good fun.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Chillin' Weekend

Was a chillin' weekend. Even the Sun took the weekend off and rested behind the fog/marine layer. We did manage to go out for some coffee and of course popped in to 3 Dog Bakery for some fresh baked treats. And, Trixie had to spread some love to one and all.
OoRah is very tired from walking and refuses to pose for a pic...maybe a lil kiss from mom will change his mind.
"OK, I'll look at the camera," OoRah says
But after you take the picture, take me home so I can take a lil nap.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Beach Bonus Day

Momma got off work early today, so she came home, woke us up and took us to the beach. Yeah baby!
It was high tide and very rocky, but beautiful.
Ummm, a lil seaweed for tea.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Beaching it & Pet Project Fund Raiser

Whoa, what a busy Sunday. Our good buddies from Huntington Beach came up to join us for a beach play day. While walking, we discovered this cool Fort, so we took advantage of it and took camp there.
It's been a while since Cooper and Trixie seen each other, and the love flame is still strong.
The boys (with the exception of OoRah) and Trixie decide to hit the waves.
Daddy is gonna catch one!
After the beach, we got cleaned up and headed to Cafe 207 for a Pet Project fund raiser put on by 3 Dog Bakery and Cafe 207. They had a Hawaiian barbie for the humans and gourmet meals for the k9s. Yummy! All of the k9 food was baked by Claire and her staff at 3 Dog Bakery.
Trixie stops eating to give momma some love.
Rene is test tasting the Labrador Lasagna...umm umm good.
"OK, time to give daddy some love."
Oh it's dessert time...Trixie's has a nose for good treats.
What a great Sunday hanging out with our good buddies and 3 Dog Bakery.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Truck & Hanging out with Perla

When momma came home from work today, daddy was standing besides a new truck. Yep, daddy got rid of his BMW 330ci for a Chevy 2500. We needed more room for our mtn bikes, etc. We went for a ride and it rides nice. Daddy said he got the truck for us. Thanx daddy!
After our truck ride, we went for a walk and was delighted that Perla joined us.
Chase time.
Oh I think I saw a bunny rabbit!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Trixie is Famous!!!

Trixie made Blue's Buddies Cards. If ya want to get your hands on one of these collector's cards, you will have to buy a bag of Blue Dog food or Trixie can send you an autographed one for a small fee. ;) Unfortunately, Trixie's first modeling gig didn't pay anything...hopefully future modeling gigs will.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Profession Lure Pics

We want to share with ya'll pics the professional photographer took at Wags of all the dogs luring. Go to Once in, select "Customers", then select "Wags for Wishes" and go to "Saturday, Group O". OoRah starts out the pictures, Trixie following behind. But, if you have time check out all the other dogs...especially the Irishwolfhound, Ridgebacks and Dobermans. Great facial expressions and body form.


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Auntie Kellie!!

Today is our Auntie Kellie's 45th birthday. Kellie surfed in the morning at Doheny and afterwards had a we had to swing by to wish her a great day and give her kisses. Our Auntie Kellie is one hot surf diva.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Wags 4 Wishes Baby!

Wags for Wishes is back in town at the Del Mar Horse Park...and boy was it an event. One of the mascot's was cruising around on his Harley...this dog can ride!
It was time to check out our luring skills. Below Trixie gets on it.
Trixie was kicking up the dirt chasing that lure.
OoRah was no turtle either...
Then our new friend "Sacramento Dobe" took charge of the lure field.
After getting our lure on, mom took us over to Dock Diving. Momma tried to coax Trixie to jump, but she was having no part of it.
So Trixie got summons to the "chicken ramp" to see if she would go in the water. "Nope, i prefer the ocean...can someone please get my ball though?"
"How many times do I have to tell ya'll that I don't swim", OoRah says.
After our attempted Dock Dive, we decided to watch a true Dock Diving Dog in action.
"Yeah baby!"
It was now time to test out OoRah's herding skills.
OoRah is moving the sheep.
He's working go boy.
Since we loved luring so much, we got in line to do it again. While in line, OoRah met Irishwolfhound. "Ummm, don't tell Lav about this hot hound."
OoRah on his second lure run.
Trixie working it a second time.
What an awesome day. Can't wait until Wags comes back next year.