Sunday, July 15, 2007

Beaching it & Pet Project Fund Raiser

Whoa, what a busy Sunday. Our good buddies from Huntington Beach came up to join us for a beach play day. While walking, we discovered this cool Fort, so we took advantage of it and took camp there.
It's been a while since Cooper and Trixie seen each other, and the love flame is still strong.
The boys (with the exception of OoRah) and Trixie decide to hit the waves.
Daddy is gonna catch one!
After the beach, we got cleaned up and headed to Cafe 207 for a Pet Project fund raiser put on by 3 Dog Bakery and Cafe 207. They had a Hawaiian barbie for the humans and gourmet meals for the k9s. Yummy! All of the k9 food was baked by Claire and her staff at 3 Dog Bakery.
Trixie stops eating to give momma some love.
Rene is test tasting the Labrador Lasagna...umm umm good.
"OK, time to give daddy some love."
Oh it's dessert time...Trixie's has a nose for good treats.
What a great Sunday hanging out with our good buddies and 3 Dog Bakery.

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Wolvinya said...

Crazy Americans! Dining with your doggies... ;-}
But I must say all the food looks delicious.

I so do love that fort!!!