Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Profession Lure Pics

We want to share with ya'll pics the professional photographer took at Wags of all the dogs luring. Go to http://www.garysphotographs.com/. Once in, select "Customers", then select "Wags for Wishes" and go to "Saturday, Group O". OoRah starts out the pictures, Trixie following behind. But, if you have time check out all the other dogs...especially the Irishwolfhound, Ridgebacks and Dobermans. Great facial expressions and body form.



Wolvinya said...

Lavinya's got a message for OoRah:
"Boy,how I wish I could have run alongside you my love...".
And then she went on how much she loves these pics; how sexy he looks,how strong and tough and that she is sending him all her love and many,many licks.

Sorcia's got a message for Trixie:
"Girl,you look very verile! Do you fancy a very hot dog?".
Then he immediately fell asleep,drule dribbling down his pillow,loud snoring,farting and such...

madcorona said...

wow that looks cool, you got your self some racing dogs there,you know i just love the races
keep them racing

girraffesack said...

great pictures! here's a funny note. if you go to the same link, and click on Luratics! and 8/5/06 group J, the last 12 pictures are our good friend Traci and a grey that we fostered.
Small world.

Scott & Iilandia said...

for Lavinya from OoRah: "girl u know i am too sexy...wish u were there too, but ya wasnt so i had to get w/the Irishwolfhound...since u were flirting w/Jake a week or so back, i had to get my grove on...but your still my main bitch."

for Sorcia from Trix: "it's u and me baby...but no farting."

for madcorona: will definitely keep them racing...it's great fun and they love it.

for Ben: will definitely check that out. going to lure w/that group in August...maybe ya'll can join us.

WolfDen said...

Wow they do great on the lure!
Keep them going!