Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's Pool Time

Momma filled up the pool this morning and tossed some carrots, an apple, tennis ball and rubber duckie in it...time to go bobbing for the goods.
OoRah got the apple.
After we retrieved all of the goods out the pool, we went downtown for a lil lunch and of course had to stop in at 3 Dog Bakery for some treats. OoRah met a new buddy, and they decided to play while the humans chatted.
It's a nice warm Sunday, so after lunch when we returned home, we jumped back in the pool...this time momma joined us.
"I want in the picture too!" OoRah says.
I think we need a bigger pool!
"OK, move over daddy, I'm gonna take a nap too."

1 comment:

Wolvinya said...

Silly sista,enjoying the li'l pool together with O&T. What a crowd!

I'm amazed the rubber duckie is still in place... ;-}