Saturday, August 4, 2007

It's Lure Time!

Today was a rocking Saturday. We went to La Mesa to hang with the Luratics. Even our half-sister/cousin, Koda and Weeko joined us for the fun.
Koda hunting down the lure.
Koda is one fast American Indian Dog.
Weeko had some problems luring...wasn't quite sure what to make of mama Gretchen ran with her.
Run Forest Run...opps I mean, Run Gretchen Run!
OoRah shows em how it's done.
I'm gonna get that lure!
Getting closer.
Trixie is no turtle...go girl!
Trixie is closing in on it.
Barney, a 7 year old German Pincher was fast as lightning. Barney was so fast that he wore a cooling jacket after he was done...kinda like James Brown when he used to perform. "Ha' I feel good!"