Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wild Wednesday - Tandem Frisbee & Graduation from Trick Class

Despite the heatwave, this afternoon we went to the park to play some Frisbee. We do our Frisbee tandem style. Daddy tosses the Frisbee and we both go get it and bring it back.
We might need a bigger Frisbee...especially when we start jumping.
" I can retrieve the Frisbee on my own, even though I return it upside down."
After some good kibbles and a nap, it was graduation time at Trick Class. We had to demonstrate various tricks we learned before we graduated. Below are pics of some of the tricks we did.
OoRah sits pretty.
Takes a bow.
Gives a Hi-5.
Trixie taking a bow.
Sitting pretty.
Giving a Hi-5.
Everybody is "all in".
Yolanda and Trixie doing a jump through the arms.
We did it...and graduated!


madcorona said...

congrats for o & t, just great
wow wish you could come and visit us downhere, would be a blast, playing frisbee, doing some racing and agility LOL

Wolvinya said...

Congratulations to the four of you!! Very smart doggies!
And I do love OoRah with the frisbee upside down,he just lookes like a member of some Amazon tribe.


WolfDen said...

Congrats!! Great job!

Wolvinya said...

Hey O&T,I guess mom's too busy to update; 'cause it's her



LOV~E~ and hugs