Saturday, July 7, 2007

Wags 4 Wishes Baby!

Wags for Wishes is back in town at the Del Mar Horse Park...and boy was it an event. One of the mascot's was cruising around on his Harley...this dog can ride!
It was time to check out our luring skills. Below Trixie gets on it.
Trixie was kicking up the dirt chasing that lure.
OoRah was no turtle either...
Then our new friend "Sacramento Dobe" took charge of the lure field.
After getting our lure on, mom took us over to Dock Diving. Momma tried to coax Trixie to jump, but she was having no part of it.
So Trixie got summons to the "chicken ramp" to see if she would go in the water. "Nope, i prefer the ocean...can someone please get my ball though?"
"How many times do I have to tell ya'll that I don't swim", OoRah says.
After our attempted Dock Dive, we decided to watch a true Dock Diving Dog in action.
"Yeah baby!"
It was now time to test out OoRah's herding skills.
OoRah is moving the sheep.
He's working go boy.
Since we loved luring so much, we got in line to do it again. While in line, OoRah met Irishwolfhound. "Ummm, don't tell Lav about this hot hound."
OoRah on his second lure run.
Trixie working it a second time.
What an awesome day. Can't wait until Wags comes back next year.


Wolvinya said...

I love the Biker Bull! How cute!!
And you really seem to have skilled dogs!
Too bad for the dock dive,in spite of the sissy ramp.

Lavinya's got a message for OoRah: "It's a good thing you kept your eyes of that bitch baby!!!".
But I do have to say that she is really beautiful. What a splendid color!

girraffesack said...

Looks like a good time, sorry we missed it. They prolly woulda had to re-tune the lure course for us, but OohRah and Trixie look like they gave it a work out!

<3 Hansel and Derek

madcorona said...

hey iilandia where you live in the states then, marie is organising a race in cali, you near that,would be great