Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Trixie is Famous!!!

Trixie made Blue's Buddies Cards. If ya want to get your hands on one of these collector's cards, you will have to buy a bag of Blue Dog food or Trixie can send you an autographed one for a small fee. ;) Unfortunately, Trixie's first modeling gig didn't pay anything...hopefully future modeling gigs will.


Wolvinya said...

Coincidence doesn't exist,right?
How weird that these two secret lovers just started their modelling career both at the exact same time!

Are you aware that we both are nurturing a soon to be celeb?

Wolvinya said...

Ah,I can just imagine their future;
Owning a mansion in Beverly Hills,and because they both can't have any children,living out there with all of their adopted Chinese Crested girls. ;-}

WolfDen said...

Allways be sure to be around famous people.....well dogs! Congrats from your cousins Trixie!

madcorona said...

wel done trixie, you gonne be famous, did i tell you already that your daddy and me have the same dad LOL so we are family