Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Sam-Sam!

Happy Birthday Sam-Sam! Today Sammy turned the big of course we had to help him celebrate. And what do ya get when you turn 3...
A juicy kiss from Trixie.
Oh baby!!!!
Then we took a hike to Nob Hill and played amongst the mustard grass.
Run run run.
A birthday celebration is not complete without a visit to 3 Dog Bakery for some fresh baked treats.
Sammy thanx for letting us help you celebrate your number 3 birthday. It was great fun.


~WOLVINYA~ said...

Sammy has such a cute face!!!
Trixie spoiling him like that!
Congrats Sam!

LOV~E~, Lav & Sors

Ben Hir said...

hello...? where are the updates? you guys have been gone forever ;)

iilandia said...

oh Mr. Hir...i heard u and the gang were finally back. :)