Sunday, January 11, 2009

OK, we're up now!

Its been an unbelievable weather week. Monday through Thursday the low averaged from 27-35 degrees and highs were 55-60. Then all of sudden on Friday we got crazy 60 mph winds and the temperature hit 75 plus. Needless to say, Sunday we hit the beach with our cousins Kia and Poncho V.
Poncho V was a running machine at the lil Chihuahua. So fast he is going to enter the Chihuahua races in spring. Go Poncho V!
Kia got in the groove as well.
Momma and Auntie Chris...ummmm hot beach babes no doubt!
Uncle Rene' and Auntie Chris rode up on the motorcycle...styling.
And yep, in the back pack is Kia and Poncho V.
Other happenings this past week: On Thursday at 7:49 p.m. there was a 4.5 magnitude earthshake (we stayed calm and suffered no damage). We received via snail mail a cool card from Auntie Elke, Lav and Sor (thanx). And finally, Uncle Rene is putting together a surf event in Huntington Beach to be held on July 11 (so mark your calendars). You can find more details at
Important happening for this week...our grandmama's birthday is January 12th. She is the best grandmama in the world..."We love you grandmama and Happy Birthday!"

Alrighty y'all, thanx for stopping by and have a great week.