Sunday, February 8, 2009

Driving Ms. Trixie

"Come on!", Trixie says. We got a couple hours break in the rain, so we made haste to the beach. Reckon OoRah and momma was moving to slow, so Trixie decided to get behind the wheel and take charge.
At the beach, i.e., the chase game is on.
Run, run, run baby.
Trixie took a liking to a rock that was home to many barnacles.
She took such a liking, that she decided to guard it from OoRah. Hopefully the barnacles appreciated her guard dog effort.
After a couple hours hanging out, getting all wet and sandy, its time to head home for a good bath.
Despite the rainy weekend, we had good fun. Nothing else much going on...just taking care of life's details and keeping it real with a smile on our face.
Momma said Uncle Rene's site is up and running, so you can sign up now to compete in the surf contest. We can't wait.


Ben Hir said...

looks like you guys took advantage of the few minutes of sun that we had!

iilandia said...

yeah...u shoulda been there w/us. we gotta hook up and do a hike soon. but ya gotta bring Wil Ferrel.


WolfDen said...

Wouldn't it be easy if dogs could get their drivers license!

iilandia said...

yeah, then they can drive and pick up their own dog food, get their shots, visit w/their friends. LOL!!!