Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday Mtn Bike Run & Pet Expo

Our morning started out with a mtn bike ride through the Mustard Greens Trail near Nob Hill. The Mustards were a beautiful brillant pretty.
Then while we napped, mom and dad jumped on the motorcycle and went to Costa Mesa to check out the Pet Expo. They saw alot of interestng exhibits....not just dogs, but snakes, birds, name it and it was there. The dog below is the top salesdog for selling dog hats.
While walking around mom and dad ran into one of our fav pals Kia. Kia was kind enough to pose next to her new dog water line, Vita Paw. "Dont forget us Kia when you become famous."
Just in case ya dont now, this is a Rattle Snake...whoaaaaa. Mom said she liked the sound of his rattler.
Gotta love this face...Irish Wolfhound.
This girl was getting all kinds of looks as she and her snake Smokey were doing some PR.
Another face ya gotta love.
Mom said there were heaps of animals to be adopted at the Pet Expo...if only we had room for some of them. Mom brought us home some new toys and chews. She was unable to meet Cesar Millan as the line was too long...maybe next time she will get that autograph.

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