Sunday, April 8, 2007

Haute Dog Easter Parade

Today rocked! We went up to Long Beach to check out the Haute Dog Easter Parade. But, our first order of business was to find KK. Lucky enuf, we hit the dog beach, and low and behold we spotted the White Buffalo. Trixie and OoRah were extremly excited to see their pals Waya and Moon. If you are wondering why Scott looks postal, it is because OoRah and Trixie were not cooperating w/re to sitting for the pic...they were more interested in ya blame them...Waya is one hot Indian Dog. After we visited with Waya, Moon and their humans, we walked to Livingston Park to check out the Haute Dog Easter Parade festivities. We saw some cool costumes. This dog has a nice Bonnett.
Wow, these Greyhounds know how to dress...digging those colorful pjs.
If you look close, you will see four dogs in the cart.
Is that a Peacock???
Not sure what that outfit is...but it's bright.
Is that a Greyhound or a big bunny??
We had great Easter seeing our pals and making new ones. Hope ya'll had a glorious Easter too.

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