Sunday, April 22, 2007

No Rain Yet!

Weather people are predicting rain for today, Sunday...thus far no rain yet. Seeing how we had so much fun mtn biking yesterday (Saturday) through the Mustard Grass/Nob Hill, we decided to do it again this morning.
Trixie is fast!
Heading home.

Once we got home, cleaned up and had some breakie, it was time to take rest.
Seeing how the rain still hasnt arrived in Southern Cali yet (at least not in our area), we decided to check out the new trail behind the dog park. Trixie and dad study the map so we dont get lost.

This trail had heaps of switch backs and couple of cool bridges to cross over.
We made it...whew!
OoRah is having such a good time, he cant help himself and shows off his big smile.
We made it back. The trail is suppose to be 2mi, but we think it was for sure a 3mi hike.
Was a great hike, great weekend. Time to turn off the laptop and take a long snooze. Until next time. Ciao.

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