Saturday, April 12, 2008

Getting Our Lure On!!!

Today we went to La Mesa to get our lure on with Luratics. It was a beautiful day out too...perfect for luring.
This hound is ready to lure.
And yes, this lil guy lures too.
Our Auntie Debbie came to watch us lure and take some pictures with her mega zoom lens. Note: check out the Shepard in the back ground...he was so excited about luring and watching the other dogs, he had to wear blinders to stay calm.
Auntie Debbie and Uncle Glenn taking some pics.
Dad giving Trixie and OoRah pointers and discussing the lure course.
"Go Trixie Go!"
Trixie stretching it out.
OoRah has the lure in his sight.
"Yeah OoRah!"
The day was perfect. OoRah and Trixie each ran 3 heaps. The course was 400 yards. OoRah's time: 28.2; 26.6; 29. Trixie's time: 24.94; 26.5; 25.4.
"This is too fun" Trixie says. "Luring Rocks!"


dave said...

hi guys
awsome luring pics and times. you really have two great racing dogs there. i hope you have as much fun as i do.
dave in fl

madcorona said...

hey iilandia, great pics, dont make oohra to fast or ill send vin over ,so she will distract him LOL

~WOLVINYA~ said...

Great idea Gea! But she is known to OoRah as Lav. (in case any confusion has arisen).

Scott & Iilandia said...

OoRah will chase Lav any day. Even though Lav has many studs after here, Lav is still his number one love.

Trixie would love race w/her cousins in the States and overseas. Trix is one fast bitch!

It's such great fun.