Sunday, May 20, 2007

Love & Happiness

"I'm still in love with you..." is a tune mom has been singing alot...and no wonder, Al Green was at the Dohney Blues Festival this weekend. We didnt get to go, but mom and dad did. They met Auntie Kellie and her boyfriend Tony there. They returned home singing more of Al Green's songs...reckon they had a good time.

Since we behaved while left alone Saturday night, Sunday morning mom and dad took us on a extra good mtn bike ride, gave us a bath (that wasnt so fun), then we all cuddled up and took a lil nap. The fog socked the sun in, so mom thought it would be a nice afternoon to do the beach trail walk and hit Farmer's Market as it wouldnt be so hot. We had to carry our own water though, so w/out complaint, we put on our backs and headed to the trail.
When we got home, we went over Auntie Claudette's house and played w/her granddog Koby. He is a big boy and we had a good time romping with Koby...too bad he is only visiting and goes home soon.
Catch me if ya can!
Whoaaa...knock out!
Thanx for visiting.

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