Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday in the Park

Our Saturday morning started out good w/our weekend mtn bike run. When we got home, we ate our kibble breakie, napped and got ready to head out into the world. First stop was Petsmart...we saw our cool friends there (mom forgot to bring in the camera) and met the Petsmart trainer. She taught us some cool new now we have more tricks to work on...reckon this learning stuff never ends. The pretty lady kibble food demonstrator gave us heaps of hugs and kisses...we could spend the whole day there, but it was off to Madisons in Laguna Beach for some lunch. Before lunch, we discovered this neat lil park and took a pic w/daddy and people watched.
After getting our grub on at Madisons, we headed to Top of the World and hiked the Park Avenue Nature that was a booty kicker...but mom was looking lovely amongst the foliage, so we had to snap a pic of her.
After our hike, we chilled at Alta Laguna Park and watched the skate boarders do some cool tricks.
The marine layer was still hiding the sun...maybe the sun will come out tomorrow, but tonight the UFC fight is on...we are going for Rampage Jackson to knock Liddell out! "Yeah baby!"

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