Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, and boy is it a beautiful one. The sun broke through the marine layer early this morn and it even warmed up nicely. At Semper Fi Park in San Clemente, there was a Memorial Day Service, so we had to check it out and give thanx to all the troops that help keep our country safe and honor the ones that perished. Thus, we found a few good men to take a pic w/ sure is smiling...does daddy know what's going on here.
Before the Memorial Day Ceremonies got started, we met a really nice lady from Laguna Beach who gave us heaps of kisses, pets and hugs...we liked her alot.
It was a beautiful day and again we thank all the men and women who are keeping our country safe...they made this great day possible. We hope ya'll had a safe Memorial Day.

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