Sunday, May 6, 2007

Fight Night and Sunny Sunday

Saturday night was fight night...DeLaHoya vs Mayweather. We all were hoping for an awesome night of broken noses and knock outs. But no, instead we got a boring ass 12 round fight. We (mom, OoRah and Trixie) was hoping that DeLaHoya would knock out Mayweather, but that obviously didnt happen. Trixie was just besides herself as she listened to DeLaHoya give his comment on why he lost the fight.
Sunday was such a beautiful sunny Sunday that our friends Rene, Sarah, Cooper (pic below), Ichabod and Kia came over to hang out w/us.
Trixie and Cooper are in love...Trixie and Cooper never left each other's side and was always playing. Is a wedding in the future???
The humans decided to do a photo session on the Tee Pee w/all the dogs. Good Lord!!! Kia was the only one that stayed put for the pic.
This is crazy...
Trixie giving Cooper a kiss...again.

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