Sunday, June 1, 2008

Can You Believe It's June 1st...Already!

Can you believe it's June first already...2008 is 1/2 over. This morning on our mtn bike run, momma spotted several wild Sunflowers in the field. Seeing how Sunflowers is mommas favorite flower, she couldn't resist taking a pic of it, in addition to bringing it home and replanting it in the front yard.
Then it was to the garage to clean out some boxes in preparation for next weeks garage sale. While emptying out a box, momma came across this pic that was taken 13 years ago of her and her Dalmatian Billy. "Wow!"
OK, so enough work/house cleaning, it's time to hit the beach for some series playing, like Frisbee.
Or for OoRah, taking a stroll...
or playing in the waves.
And always looking pretty for a picture.
And of course, taking time out to give momma a kiss.
Happy June...21 more days til summer begins.

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~WOLVINYA~ said...

Great to see an 'old' pic of you!! Still hot Bootzzz!!!