Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex & the City Premier Release Party

Last night momma rolled VIP style to the Sex & the City premier release party at the St. Regis in Dana Point with Rene and our celebrity cousin Kia. Above we share a chat with American Gladiator Alex "Militia" Castro.
Oh la la...check out momma with the Calvin Klein underwear models.
Rene met his dream girl, Olga...but unfortunately, she is engaged.
Nice biceps Militia!
Well it's not an OC party unless Rene and Kia are surrounded by hot girls.
Calvin Klein underwear model strutting his...ummm stuff.
Dancing baby...
Thanx Rene and Kia for taking our momma out for a good time. You can also check out the article and more pics from the Orange County Register:


~WOLVINYA~ said...

Bootzzz! You look Sex And The City-style smashing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And finally,I am overwhelmed:
REAL HOT MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MUSCLED men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At last!!!!!!!!!!

...I'm overheating....


Scott & Iilandia said...

thanx Booty. too bad those hot menz werent for the keeping. i dont date models...they too much in love w/themselves. ya know every time i see a hot guy i think of you. LOL!!!