Saturday, May 17, 2008

American Indian Dog Gathering at Cosmo Park

Today we enjoyed an American Indian Dog gathering with our cousins and our litter mate brother Jake, whom we haven't seen in an year and a half, at Cosmo Dog Park in Gilbert, AZ.
Above is a partial group picture. Below is a full group picture.
Uh oh...someone is trying to interrupt the group picture.
Marie and her American Indian Dogs.
Trixie is Queen of the stairs.
Now OoRah is King of the stairs. OoRah and Trixie's litter mate brother Jake has taken over the throne.
Sky looking lovely. Sky lives in Arizona and was happy to meet her distant relatives.
Mommas cousin Valerie who also lives in Arizona, met up with us at the park. It was great to finally meet her.
Valerie's mate Devin fell in love with so many dogs.
OoRah is enjoying some good loving.
Cosmo Dog Park was awesome and indeed the best dog park we have ever seen. The park had a huge lake with a jumping dock. Momma threw us and our brother Jake in the water and hopefully we will have those pics soon to post on the blog.
OoRah and Jake relaxing after a good romp.It was a great day hanging with our family and friends.


~WOLVINYA~ said...

I must say I expected many more AI-Dog lovers,but it looks like you had great fun!! Managing the heat of the dessert and such...

You look great Bootzzz,keep up the heat!


WolfDen said...

Wow looks like you guys had soooo much fun!! Great dog park!
And great company!

Scott & Iilandia said...

was good fun. my cousin took a lot of pics that she will be sending me. cant wait to see those and post em. i was too busy playing in the water w/the dogs, thus unable to take pics and Scott is not much w/the camera...soooo.

but was good fun. glad we went.

madcorona said...

looks like a lot of fun,wished i was there too.
up to the next gathering then, ill be there