Saturday, June 16, 2007

Beaching it with Auntie Gretchen and Weeko

This afternoon mom and dad took us to Petsmart and we ran into our fav dog trainer, Yolanda, whom in July, we are going to take her 'Trick Training' class to learn a bunch of tricks. We cant wait...then we can show off our new tricks to our pal Kia.
After Petsmart we hooked up with Auntie Gretchen and cousin Weeko at the beach. Weeko met a new Dobe friend...I think he was smitten with Weeko. Do ya blame him?? Weeko is a cutie, just look at that smile.
Uh oh...who is going in the water...them or us!!
Weeko and Trixie debate whether to join Auntie Gretchen for a swim.
Weeko howling and pacing trying to coax her momma to come out of the water.
"OK" Trixie says, "I'll join ya for a swim."
"Here I am", Trixie says.
Enough playing in the water, this stick is better fun.

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