Thursday, June 21, 2007

First Day of Summer

Today is the first official day of Summer and this is what we did to bring it in. During the heat of the day we relaxed on the cool slate.
Then Auntie Judy bought over some corn on the cob, so we had to test taste it.
Time to wrestle...UFC baby!!!
Heading out for our evening walk, we saw Uncle Dave...p.s.-our Auntie Elke in the Netherlands has the hots for Uncle Dave, but she is gonna have to share him with Trixie.
Then it was off to the kiddie park to play in the tunnel.
We know what your thinking, ya we do most of this stuff everyday...but hey, it's the first day of Summer and that's cause for celebration.


Wolvinya said...

You naughty!!!

Poor Sheriff doesn't have a clue yet about our LOL sessions and now the whole wild world knows...

Fun though!

LOV~E~ from Hell

madcorona said...

OMG elke, now all of the netherlands knows too LOL

WolfDen said...

Our lips are sealed......Oh NO they are NOT. LOL

Hello Cali people and Indian Dog friends. Great weblog!!

Greetings from the Indian Dogs cousins from the Netherlands

Wolvinya said...

Well,it's a small country,eh,world...

madcorona said...

oh well he looks cute LOL LOL but yes its all around now

Wolvinya said...

So I'm spoken for?

madcorona said...

yep, elke has got the hots for dave in the states, nanananana
goooooooooooooooood taste tho LOL

Wolvinya said...

Is anyone aware of the fact that we have totally taken over Scott and Iilandia's blog?!!

~The Dutch invaded America!~

We Wild Women have taken over the Mild Mild West(!!).

madcorona said...

they just can delete is if they want LOL sorry Iilandia,just delete us wild things from the netherlands, oh and keep this dave away from elke if he is mild mild too LMAO

Scott & Iilandia said...

no way am i gonna delete your Dutches are wild and crazy...digging it. hope to see Dave this week and show him Elke's pic. whooaaa baby!!!