Wednesday, June 27, 2007

For Perla

Today our heart goes out to Judy and her especially sweet Black Lab, Perla. Perla has lung cancer which seems to be progressing rapidly. We have known Perla for all of her eight years. Perla has out lived 3 of our own dogs, and has been there to comfort us when we lost our dogs. Perla's disposition is as sweet as they come. One of Perla's favorite things to do is going for a ride in the car.
Perla was a babysitter and teacher to our Doberman, Tufe.
She is always up for playing chase with the tennis ball.
And Perla always has a smile on her face.
We hope Perla will prove the doctors wrong and stay with us for a long time to come. Should you want to send Judy good wishes, please email her at


Wolvinya said...

Give her a big hug,will ya?
And Judy as well.

Well you two guys of course also,and OoRah,Trixie...
...actually,the whole street! ;-}

All my LOV~E~

girraffesack said...

its good to see Tufe again.