Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

Today we spent the majority of the day with daddy. But before momma went out to do "adult"things, we had to take a pic with her as she was looking extra luscious.
While momma was out on her "adult" outings, she took a stroll to the end of the Pier to shoot some pics of San Clemente at a different angle.
You can't see our crib, but we live on top of the hill.
Momma said she has to be like our Auntie Elke and take a snap of the purple flower.
Daddy didn't have to work today so we spent the entire day with him. This morning we hung out at the beach and came across a cool fort.
It was nice spending Sunday with daddy as he is often working. Plus, it was nice for momma to have a break as she gives up a lot to care for us, always making us her number one priority...but we sure did miss her.

Hoping everyone had a great weekend and thanx for stopping by to see what we've been up too. Thus far, our summer has been great!


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~WOLVINYA~ said...

Auntie Elke is happy with the purple thistle!

And Lav and Sors are happy to see their lovers hanging out with their dad at such a cool fort to chill out.