Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

Hey Y'all, Trixie here,

Hoping everybody had a great past week and weekend. We in Southern Cali are still experiencing a heat wave. Granted we got a couple drops of rain late Saturday, but all last week and today it feels like summer time. If there was some way I could bottle up this heat and send it to my mates in the Netherlands I would. I hear they are experiencing hard/cold nipple weather.

My bro and I had a good week and weekend filled with mtn biking, hikes and playing/visiting with our friends. This afternoon we hiked up to Rock Garden and I decided to strike a poise next to Jimi Hendrix' rock.
Before I say adios, my bro and I want to wish our Uncle Rene' and Auntie Elke an early "Happy Birthday".

As always, thanx for stopping by... Peace.


~WOLVINYA~ said...

Thanx Trix!!!

Your wishes came through, unfortunately not the heat.

Damn, there must be a way...


Rene Bruce said...

Ahh Trix and Oorah, Tanx so much, Kia & Pancho say woof woof !!!