Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weather Forecasters Don't Know Diddly

The weather forecasters were predicting this weekend to be more fall like conditions...wrong! It was more perfect conditions with temps in the 70s and Trixie is definitely happy about that.
OoRah doesn't seem to have any complaints either.
OK, we know that hinnie.
Looks like Trixie has decided to dig her way to China or maybe to The Netherlands to see her man Sor.
Ummm... I think she's done digging.
OoRah opts from digging and decides to just look sexy on the natural.
As always we had a groovy weekend. Momma and Auntie Holland got a lil crazy too, put on their shimmery disco tops and went roller skating Saturday night. Go girls!
Peace and thanx for stopping by!


Rene Bruce said...

Is momma gonna be a Roller Derby Queen now ?

iilandia said...

LOL!!! maybe :)