Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Day of Errands and What-Have-U's

It's Saturday and the sun is out from beneath the fog. This morn mom and dad were doing "what-have-u's" around the house/in the garage. While dad was washing his car, Calmes came by and gave a shout out.
After we got done doing the "what-have-u's", we went downtown to mom's fav coffee shop and chilled in the sun.
Then we headed to Petsmart and ran into the guy that told mom about the dog food that we have been eating since mom and dad picked us up in food is Blue. Its holistic with heaps of vegs and fruits and all natural...suppose to be good for ya, but we dont care...just let us eat.
After Petsmart we decided to go to Dana Point Harbor for a hour plus stroll. Dad had a time explaining to many people our breed. We had fun getting pets and kisses from all the people.
We met a new friend, DD while strolling the dock. She liked giving kisses too.

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