Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh It Was Hot Up In Here Today!

Yeah we know we haven't done any blog updates in a while...but all is kool on our end. We've been doing the same awesome fun stuff, reckon just too lazy to add any updates. But it was oh so hot that we couldn't let this Sunday go by without posting some beach pics from the day.
Especially when momma and Auntie Julie are looking so delicious.
Even in the water, OoRah still has a sexy stride.
Sammy definitely was having a great time.
Of course we had to get our American Indian wrestle on...
Beach outing wouldn't be complete without some wrestling.
"Ummm" OoRah says, "All this playing got me hungry. I wonder if any fish is in here to eat?"
We want to express our condolence to the loss of our pal Chakka overseas. We will miss seeing his sweet face on Auntie Yvon's blog.
Peace & Much Love until next time,
O, T & I too.

1 comment:

WolfDen said...

Thank you so much!
We will never forget him and cherish all the beautifull memories about him!