Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday OoRah & Trixie!!!

Can you believe it...we are 3 years of age! No cake for us...we opt for some homemade sausage and bacon...oh yeah now your talking our talk.

"Ruff, ruff...give us more!"


And a special thanx to our grandmama that sent us some money so we can go shopping for a birthday present.


~WOLVINYA~ said...

Babies!!!!!!!!! I missed out on this one cause that stupid Blogger isn't updating anymore.

So, so sorry.

Lav and Sors are howling their howls, hoping they do get through to you!!!!

3 Years of age is a fine age for such hot sexiness.

LOV~E~, Lavinya, Leilaney & the Pack

iilandia said...

thanx my loves....

Kaya-Sioux said...

they are the best friends you can have !! Happy Birthday !!
From Kaya-Sioux

WolfDen said...

Happy Birthday Oorah & Trixie!!

madcorona said...

happy bday oorah and trixie, hugs from the netherlands