Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun/Wild Mon and Tues

Monday night literally started out with some earth shaking...we won't share with you what activity momma was doing during that earth shake...but we heard the earth shake was a 4.5 off of Baja.

Despite the earth shake, we are the koolest K9s in town...check us out chilling in Christopher's brother Jeffrey's Cadi. We know how to relax in style.

It wouldn't be a fun/wild time unless we hit the beach...it was a perfect low tide and we had a blast playing chuck it in the water.

Of course momma had to make time to collect rocks and shells for her garden.

Then it was time for the Hula Hoop Showdown. Momma and Christopher Hula Hoop every time Christopher visits. We don't understand it, but its always a hoot to watch em.

Summer officially begins on the 21st...make it the best summer ever!!


OoRah and Trixie

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~WOLVINYA~ said...

Glad you guys had a cool ride, time and exercise!
Next time be more cautious and don't make the earth rumble!!!

LOV~E~, Lavinya, Leilaney, Sorcia & the Pack